I'm chatting with <@U03TX2GT080> today about his n...
# share-your-work
I'm chatting with @Jason Chan today about his new spreadsheet work (excited). His thread made me realize I hadn't made an announcement page for my spreadsheet lang/tool that we built at our wolrd in data called Explorer (free an open source, though getting your environment going is a pain, see my stripped down fork for what I use). Anyway, I just did "Add a language" to PLDB.com for Explorer (https://pldb.com/languages/explorer.html). If you've got a language you're working on, please add your language there too! The server that is running with write access is still unoptimized and pretty slow, so give it a second after clicking save. Or you can do things the old fashioned way and send a PR over GitHub. I think at some point soon, we're going to have a
or some keyword like that where you can list what communitie(s) helped you build/launch your language/tool. I expect when we look back at the data we'll see that some of the top new tools all shared a common origin of being at least partially developed in this slack community. Thanks @Ivan Reese and @stevekrouse!