# devlog-together

Kartik Agaram

09/04/2022, 4:09 AM
Now every one of my LÖVE apps can edit its source code. Here's a chart showing how they relate to each other: • text editor with drawings ( • simplifying: ◦ editor without drawings ( ◦ read-only mode ( ◦ simplest possible example repo to tailor to whole new apps ( • minor changes: ◦ links: versions adding hyperlink support (; ◦ polygons: an early experiment on a different approach to drawing ( • complexifying: ◦ capture: simple blank-slate editor for adding notes to a directory ( ◦ pensieve: the big kahuna, a note-taking app on an infinite surface ( I'm hoping this lays the groundwork for a freewheeling eco-system of apps that are easy to modify while also being amenable to exchanging genetic information. Because that's basically what I did today in pulling patches the other way from all the way across to the right.