Shubhadeep Roychowdhury

08/29/2022, 10:06 AM

Kartik Agaram

08/30/2022, 3:55 PM
Fantastic balanced summary. This quote stood out in particular:
Kafka is eating the world.

Nilesh Trivedi

08/30/2022, 5:26 PM
You can zoom into a subgraph to see more details, and zoom out to see a more high level picture
Just today, I implemented ability to collapse parent nodes: And was thinking about how to auto-collapse a few nodes when zooming out. Would love to hear ideas on this.

Ryan Robitaille

09/01/2022, 11:17 PM
100% Agreed. Quality summary. As a guy who started his career in Data Eng/ETL it's hard to not look at most problems with a "Flowing" mindset (culminating partly in my Data Rabbit stuff, although it's only loosely FBP to hardcore FPBers). I didn't realize that J Paul Morrison had passed. Bummer. I still remember those videos that Henri Bergius did with him during the early NoFlo days. RIP.