Hey everybody! My name is Eric Normand. I'm a soft...
# introduce-yourself
Hey everybody! My name is Eric Normand. I'm a software engineer and writer. I currently live in Madison WI. I love ideas. I've always been interested in how computers can help us understand the world and ourselves. Nicholas Negroponte put it best in paraphrasing Seymour Papert: "computer programming was a way to think about thinking and debugging programs was pretty close approximation to learning about learning". I have a lot of work colleagues who are more of the "I like to make the computer do stuff" kind of engineers. They like to learn about kubernetes and the intricacies of AWS APIs. Those things bore me. I want to explore ideas by building. I'm not sure what draws me to this community. I've listened to the podcast. And I'm intrigued by the many projects I see in this Slack. I have many incomplete projects, but nothing worth showing to others. Sometimes UI intrigues me (I love the intricacies of getting the interactivity just right). But again, very few things to show. I fear I wouldn't be able to do it professionally. I also love teaching and have tried to build "interactive explanations". I hope to see you around the chat.
Glad to have you Eric! Always great so see more people from the clojure community joining
Hey Eric! I’m a big fan of your newsletter 😄