This is very cool! <
# thinking-together
This is very cool! We work a lot with visual state-machines (creating/defining state-machines visually to drive system state in the visual programme -- think xstate js but you're constructing the diagramme rather than having it rendered for you from code you write) and this fuzzer demo is exciting because it's an auto-state-machine, derived from real system states -- I can imagine this delightfully integrated with a testing framework. I'm picturing a (dastardly? 😆) node-and-wire programme that runs through this fuzzer. If the run through emerges an unaccounted state, it's materialised in the state-machine embedded in the node-wire-nest, and the programmer can now create downstream logic to address this unexpected case. could something like that work?
Speaking of automatically testing state machines, I wrote about my approach a few years ago: