Published two blog posts on some social aspects of...
# devlog-together
Published two blog posts on some social aspects of programming. The first is about how our languages actually change given our social context (see also the lisp curse). The second is about an intangible aspect our our programs, the conceptual space they live in together. Maybe not super FoC heavy, but I think they both are suggestive of problems FoC tools could try to tackle. How can we allowing social language constructs without power relation issues? How can we create languages and tools that can helps us think about the space between our programs?
I do like BPMN diagrams for their ability to model the interplay between digital and people processes. (and sidenote: they are executable unlike UML diagrams). When doing boring enterprise work we do model the space between the programs, coz some parts of a process can take 3 weeks or require a 3rd party to do something, the timescales are well beyond what is normally encountered in a pure software system.
I love space-between – I wish c2 wiki was still alive, I could see myself casually using SpaceBetween in future comments – and to see it continue to expand as people encounter and accrete the notion