Jason Chan

08/10/2022, 11:41 PM
Hey everyone! I found out about this community when I was giving a product demo for a new product I’ve been working on. It’s a spreadsheet app meant to make spreadsheets more modular and reusable (similar to code being found on Github and being reused). The idea is that Excel/Google sheets is effectively a programming language, but just missing a lot of the tools that programmers have. Currently the direction is a more visual spreadsheet on an endless canvas (like Figma) with the ability to build automated unbreakable spreadsheets meant to be shared for others to use. I’m interested in: How we can build an easier to use spreadsheet that does not require years of banking or data experience to be able to run complex analysis Why the same analysis is run over and over, yet people generally start from scratch when building their own What are some analysis/apps that people wish they had (perhaps even daily net worth trackers), but don’t because it’s too hard to build or maintain I’d love to meet and talk to anyone interested in the space. I’m in SF and would love to mete up in person too. Looking forward to see what everyone else is up to in this channel. 🤠