Is this a database you host? Or do you want access...
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Is this a database you host? Or do you want access to my database? Do you have a sense of your audience for whom this landing page will immediately have them say, "oh I want to get out of the business of syncing this API that I have"? It's not immediately apparent to me why this is worth the overheads of a vendor. Wait, is this a SaaS as I for some reason implicitly assumed? Or is it just a library on github?
Re SaaS/github: It's a library on github. Cloud SaaS is planned for the future
Target audience is developers (mainly technical founders) that need their apps to sync with a different platform
Really appreciate the feedback on the copy!
Small thing, but since the GitHub link seems like the main point of the website I’d probably put it in the center next to the
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. My impression from the repository page is that I provide Inframe with two functions and all it does is periodically call one and pass the results into the other. That makes it seem like a very simple job scheduler, and so not valuable compared to existing job schedulers. (edit: going back, I missed the part about “interface for previewing your data” entirely on the first go.)
Thanks for the feedback, Luke! About the value, what do you think could be helpful here? For context, I'm starting with a basic scheduler that gets the job done, but the long-term goal is to provide syncing that's triggered on change events, automatic change detection, per-item transformation, map-reducing, caching, monitoring, etc.
I’m not sure what would make the current version of the library seem more valuable, but I could potentially get interested in the features you listed given some specifics. I think I’d first need to know where to categorize Inframe in my head. For example, a SaaS version feels very different from something I deploy myself. Maybe a comparison to existing tools and services would help. The good old “X is like Y but with Z” or similar.
Some simple illustrative examples that would answer the "why" of why I'd want to sync external data using this, would help my understanding. Something to the effect of "You have a bunch of data in real world system X, and your app does real world goal Y" (so I have commonly relatable picture in my head of the kinds of things I can do)
It seems like the highlighted text should be anything instead of your database. Since that's the interesting part. Not sure you need "inframe" to be in bold. Would be cool for the code snippet to have a) syntax highlighting, and b) look more like an editor. Also the screenshot of the table could look more database-ey, maybe even just a db icon. Unless you can't get db access and you have to go through your UI (then you may want to make that more clear).