# in-london

Duncan Cragg

08/04/2022, 9:46 PM
What events do we have coming up here in London?
Wow, is so NICE
why is August "sold out"? is that how things are meant to work?
I'll just turn up anyway maybe?
My family tell me off for talking out loud my train of thought
I've not been as active as I was, but back in the day, the London community used to be very friendly 😞 sad to see the change here

Maggie Appleton

08/06/2022, 10:31 AM
Hey Duncan, sorry you hit the ‘sold out’ message on luma. I set a cap of 30-35 people for the meetups to help keep it small enough for everyone to meet one another. It’s also hard to find a pub that will host 30+ people without charging a lot for event space so I have to cap it. You’re more than welcome to come along to one of the future ones! I’m hosting them every month at the moment. There’s always space available a week or two before the event, but they tend to fill up as the date gets closer. We also have cancellations so last-minute spots open up as well. Feel free to sign up for the september event - Looking forward to meeting you soon