What other things are similar to project. Could it...
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What other things are similar to project. Could it be considered as an IDL. or at least the shared data model part. I'm currently using swagger as the root data model, but this is getting weird when we use it for messages not sent via http.
I thought that was a services company, not a lib. I clicked though, and it was interesting so I was happy.
@Peter Saxton its common to use protobuff messages in databases and files in Google. They don't always go over the wire. They are a serialization format, similarly, I don't see a problem with JSON not going over the wire, and swagger is a reasonable IDL for JSON. Not sure where its getting weird for you, does it insist you put things on paths or its not possible to collect the data object from the server stubs or something? Conceptually it's a reasonable usecase to me.
Did you actually trademark "High Code"?
is quite similar to text/templates or handlebars / mustache / jinja2, at a basic level. We brought that templeting out of a particular language, put schemas in front of them, and provide it all a CLI tool to do this at scale (directories of inputs / outputs). Then we added modules, imports, and dependency management as the basis for composable code generation and ecosystem. We have prototypes for low-code interfaces aimed at the non-devs, but hope we can also reach the devs with our "any" board (hof's take on a digital whiteboard for building applications) @Peter Saxton a similar tool is https://openapi-generator.tech/ where you input an OpenAPI schema and can get SDKs for 20+ languages for your API. We are building an OpenAPI module right now with
, but
is more generic than that. We had one user recently merge 3 different code gen tools into
. He ended up with 10 templates, 4 partials, and creates 1000+ protobuf & typescript definitions for the fleet of microservices at his company.
"Business card for a services company that couldn't afford a graphic designer."
“High Code TM” reminds me of this: