# share-your-work

Daniel Buckmaster

02/10/2024, 12:33 AM
Not exactly a project, but I was thinking about the way I use as an infinite single notepad - not starting new files, just gradually moving to a new part of the canvas as I need to. And as I was thinking I thought it'd be amusing to show off my canvas. This is about a year's worth of intermittent diagramming. I still use pen and paper a lot, and I don't yet know what the trigger is for me to get on tldraw instead of reaching for my notebook.

Lu Wilson

02/10/2024, 10:07 AM
nice glad you like it. this is something we discussed loads as a team last year while prototyping a way to save and load boards. i personally don't like keeping everything on one board because it's too easy for me to Cmd+A, Backspace, and lose everything. i wanted a big fat juicy blue button that said "new board". but it does seem that a lot of people like to do your approach. so we tried different ways to support that too. we called it the "Home" board or "Scratchpad". there was a slight tension between these two approaches. "how do we support both approaches as first-class?" i hope we can revisit it one day