# devlog-together


01/14/2024, 9:40 AM
In this video (

) I show a timeline slider with which you can scroll through the executed path of a visual flow program. Some node-types like variables and the node-tree-visualizer have there state being recorded for each execution.. so when moving through the timeline, these nodes are updated and especially with the node-tree-visualizer this gives a good overview of how a program/algorithm works (in this case quicksort). Instead of having to visualize this in your head , you see the effect of the program for each execution step and you can also inspect the variables like the left and right arrays and the pivot variable. On the end of this month I hope to release a demo version of the project I am working on, so the last weeks I've also been fixing bugs and making other improvements. One of the bigger improvements is the way the moving message bubble is handled, it's now much smoother especially on lower execution speeds because of the use of requestAnimationFrame, it was on my wishlist from the beginning I implemented this but hadn't come around to it yet.