# present-company


01/08/2024, 4:17 PM
Suggestions appreciated... I wrote a quickie pamphlet (10 pages, lots of hand-drawn sketches) in Apple Pages. I want to share it, making it free for readers. Normally, I write in Obsidian then I upload to github pages using gitkraken, but, this workflow offers too much resistance when I include drawings (I have to manually fixup refs to SVGs). Apple Pages is wildly more friendly than Obsidian, but, Apple Pages can only export to ePub and PDF and a bunch of other formats, none of which are markdown. I would like a one-button-push solution for publishing pamphlets (free or paywalled). Should I consider creating an ePub and using Amazon (Kindle)? Or pushing an ePub to leanpub? Or fix my github workflow? Or use more than one workflow? Or ...?

Konrad Hinsen

01/08/2024, 5:52 PM
I don't know Apple Pages, but a nice export format for such situations is HTML with images embedded as data URIs. You get a single file that any browser can render. If you can export to plain HTML with linked images, there's probably a converter somewhere that embeds the images.