# devlog-together


12/10/2023, 9:19 AM
Oh boy.. it was a lot of work being able to solve advent of code puzzle 7 (part 1) in my visual programming system.. as you can see in the video

. I had to implement a lot new node-types for handling dictionaries and a new scoped-variable type. This scoped-variable can have different types.. currently just a regular value or a dictionary. This dictionary is used in a function-flow to determine the hand type which is needed in this puzzle. Also custom sorting was needed (I implemented a Schwartzian transform in the sort node-type). Running the flow for the full puzzle input takes a long time so I don't show that in the video (although I've added a "full-speed" mode that helps a bit). I've also added some colors to better show when some nodes are active, especially handy for nodes that run longer like a foreach, function-call, map or sort.
Doea anybody have a suggestion on how I can improve my videos without spending too much time on it?
I've made a screenshot of the whole flow on a big resolution using firefox.. hopefully this gives a better impression then just the video 😅