# share-your-work

Jason Priestley

11/27/2023, 4:52 AM
Hi all, I've been inactive here for a long time. Progress on my big project, a collaborative mobile-friendly development environment, has been very slow. However, along the way I've built some libraries which may be of interest to some people here. On the languages and parsing side, I've built recursive grammar literals which lets you write CFGs as normal javascript functions. And church-cat which lets you compute over a tree structure, e.g. annotate a parse tree. On the UI side I've built imperative which is a frontend javascript library much like React, but based on generators and structured concurrency. And most recently I've been working on Palimpsest which covers the backend of web development with a more functional or "event-sourced" style where data sources are computed as folds over input streams. My interest there is to allow stateful applications to be more easily shared, forked, and extended by their users etc.

Csongor Bartus

12/04/2023, 7:43 PM
Checked Imperative, found
😄 Great abstraction! I mean I was always -- in the back of my head -- looking for such an abstraction for an HTML element, and now I have it. I'll start using it soon. One single back-thought: S - Style happens also to have E - Events in form of hover, etc. What happens when style events are related to business logic Events? I mean when a hover must be / is linked to an Event ... Anyway, hope I'll find this out soon, and get back to you if necessary. One other thing: Should T - Text be C - Content / Children? I mean when you compose components ...