another great meetup yesterday, thanks <@U0275EZH3...
# in-london
another great meetup yesterday, thanks @Maggie Appleton! and thank you to everyone who watched (and performed in) my demo. If anyone took photos/videos please send them my way! (I'm trying to stitch them together). either DM me or email
I loved your presentation! 😍
@Lu Wilson Btw, the source code behind your demo is beautiful! Just a doctype and almost a single js module script tag, we can finally do web dev again without bundlers! Liberating! Thx! 🙂 Also... there is a bunch of interesting things hidden there in plain sight! "Arroost is a mad all-star mix of big ideas from my previous projects" I would enjoy hearing more about the technical sides of your journeys.
Haha thanks! It's all you need! check out my site to explore that kind of stuff. my recent talk at SPLASH was the most in-depth I've ever got (and some of my recent wiki/blog posts)