Is there a good catalogue of programming languages...
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Is there a good catalogue of programming languages? Preferably with the option of searching by feature or comparing languages on some dimensions?
this doesn’t line up 1:1 with what you are asking, but I’ve always found that learn x in y is a quick way to compare a number of languages, and get a sense for their basic semantics and feature set. the big gap I see in learn x in y is that it doesn’t typically touch on tooling and ecosystem
There's a few FoC-oriented languages in the catalog:
Thanks for the resources! Grateful for it all. Might use it to compile a structured list of my own and share it back here
I've started here, focusing on new-ish langs that spark my interest, probably won't add much in terms of historic langs (me myself, but happy to give edit rights)
For a syntax between languages reference, I like to visit It's getting older, but sometimes useful to see how different languages implement a similar concept.
There's also, which does have search and lists various usage statistics and language features.
Oooh! hyperpolyglot has a great side by side feature list of many related langs.