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Notation Must Die: The Battle For How We Read Music

I watched the whole thing and enjoyed it quite a bit. If you (person reading this) haven't come across this channel before, I recommend also watching all their videos titled "Music Software & Interface Design"
Another interesting resource from the POV of encoding music in machine-readable formats is the MIT Press book "Beyond MIDI," edited by Selfridge-Field. Notable if for no other reason than it prompted Michael Good to create MusicXML because none of the options in that book seemed sufficient to him.
Michael was also a member of the working group that's defining the new standard file formats for MIDI 2.0.
Oh why didn't you tell me it spends the first 10 minutes talking about chess! (Including a whole chess game!!) I'd have been on it in a flash.
Love the channel. Jank Man! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=S-3wEC6Fj_8
The notation video does a good job of showing how the mix of arbitrary/symbolic elements and positional/analog aspects has given it staying power. I was hoping for a little more on actual shortcomings of the system or maybe some more interesting alternatives — surely someone has tried to extend the Tonnetz across time — but that would be a different video.