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Wordplay beta is live! We’d love your feedback on everything (language design, APIs, tools, editors), and your contributions, if you’re so inclined. Blog Repo Discord
I love the cute tutorial!
Reading challenge: count the puns…
Fun indeed! I started the tutorial and put myself into "ignorant mode", trying not to anticipate anything. That got me stuck at the point shown in the attached picture. Why is the string shown in red and in double quotes on the stage, if it's blue and in single quotes in the source editor and in the explanatory text? Also: "They evaluate to 'hello'" isn't very useful as an explanation to me. First of all, "evaluate" is a transitive verb in non-technical English. But even if I accept its CS usage, the sentence seems to claim that all Text evaluates to "hello".
A bit later: See? Well, actually, no, I don't see...
Thanks for the tutorial feedback! I’ve added to our backlog to clarify.
Talking about the tutorial, I missed most of it because I hit 15/15 and thought that was it 🙂 I was thinking that didn't provide much of a tour. I'm going through the full tour now. Maybe showing x / y of the chapters, or showing the outline pinned on the left would help? I know it could be confusing with multiple x / y numbers.
Going through the tour, I find the basketball bouncing the most interesting example because of all the Motion and mass, etc. how it implicitly not only animated, but bounces. I would use that example often to show the power underneath the language.
Thanks for the feedback! We’ll think about ways to make the full scope of the tutorial clearer, without adding clutter.