What do people here think about the REBL (read-eva...
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What do people here think about the REBL (read-eval-browse-loop) and the ‘Data Rabbit’ project which evolved from it? Both are tools originating in Clojure, but where the REBL is about mixing writing/running Clojure with having a graphical interface to drill down into the output data (e.g. a natural ‘visual programming’ evolution of a REPL), I’d describe Data Rabbit as the opposite: A data inspection/‘dashboard creation’ tool where you can do most tasks visually, only dropping down to Clojure if you want to do really custom things (or create new types of ‘blocks’/interactions).


REBL reminds me of https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Common_Lisp_Interface_Manager, not that I've used it but I know it supports a graphical cli. https://www.google.com/search?q=lisp+clim&tbm=isch
REBL looks like the poor man’s version of the Smalltalk inspector to me. The Common Lisp equivalent would be Clouseau: https://mcclim.common-lisp.dev/static/manual/mcclim.html#Inspector. As a daily user of a next-generation Smalltalk inspector (in Glamorous Toolkit), I tend to be disappointed by these tools. Data Rabbit is a different story, it’s more a data exploration than a code development tool.