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[Moved from #announcements, which is intended only for announcements by community admins; original message by @Stephen De Gabrielle] I don't post here often. My name is Stephen, and like everyone here I want to make coding better for everyone - including programmers! I’m involved with another community with the same goal: Racket. One of the things I like best is it’s not just talk - they ship code. This article says it better than I can: https://m-cacm.acm.org/magazines/2018/3/225475-a-programmable-programming-language/abstract (I’m not keen on the video but YMMV) Racket is actually a collection of tools and languages and the community are relentlessly pushing forward to make better tools - one such effort is summed up by the paper title ‘Rhombus: A New Spin on Macros without All the Parentheses’ https://users.cs.utah.edu/plt/publications/oopsla23-faadffggkkmppst.pdf that just got presented at SPLASH (today! and I missed it 😢) Anyway - I finally get to the point - they have their yearly RacketCon this weekend it has lots of great speakers: https://con.racket-lang.org Tickets are only $10: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/racketcon-2023-tickets-669052563227 (it’s an open source project under the SFC funded purely by volunteers and donations) I hope you will like what you see and consider either using racket (or rhombus!) to make new languages OR stealing the ideas in Racket and using them in your own language to make languages. I’m sure someone once said languages are tools for thought. Thanks for reading my rambling.