<@U05UN1152MC> Do you cricket? This one's for peop...
# devlog-together
@Matt Wynne Do you cricket? This one's for people in a few selected locales around the world, but there's a cricket world cup going on with a lot of upsets right now, and it just got me to scratch a long-standing frustration: a tool for all-play-all cross-tables that lets me simulate potential future results, while sorting the rows and columns for me. In the process I learned to draw janky 3D-looking buttons for the first time. https://git.sr.ht/~akkartik/crosstable.love As with most of my stuff lately, you can edit this app's code live as it runs, and my platform choices allow me to accomplish that with very little code. See the Readme for details.
Hey Kartik! I'm a very part-time cricket fan I'm afraid, but I do very much appreciate those 3D buttons. Takes me back!