Hi all! I introduced myself and started poking aro...
# share-your-work
Hi all! I introduced myself and started poking around about a week ago, and have now finally created a video to share my work. It's a small, immutable, 100% async programming language, Kopi, and a React (UI framework) based desktop environment. Enjoy!


Wow, there's so much great stuff here. Well done! I started playing with some of it; how much is written in Kopi? Are there examples of writing React Desktop apps in Kopi?
Thank you, @yoz! React Desktop and Kopi are separate projects - I just recently started integrating Kopi into it, exploring different ways to use Kopi. Both are written in TypeScript. It's a fun project since there are no goals per se, just exploration. So far you can use the Terminal as a Kopi REPL/CLI, read and modify the examples in Learning Kopi.md, and run the examples in the Scripts folder (Particle System.kopi, etc.). There's also "Designer", a very early prototype to a "Flash" type editor. I'm trying to think very simple UX to create simple apps and games.