Hey everyone, – I'm looking for some quite a few y...
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Hey everyone, – I'm looking for some quite a few years old demo that I can vaguely remember that was using pointfree code in a table layout (related to stack based programming). Some cells merged and changing on evaluation IIRC. I initially thought that it was from @jonathoda, but not so sure anymore. I was not particularly convinced about the idea but some discussion about stack based programming came up where this would be a nice reference I guess. Does anyone here still have a link to that maybe?
Thanks for the reply. Though it's not the one I'm looking for. I think it was a light gray table maybe just a mockup on a website. Pointfree composed functions in adjacent the colums of a table and not a dedicated stack location but maybe freely choosable evaluation order. Not sure anymore.
@Joshua Horowitz – yes exactly that one it was – thanks a lot :)
I think I've seen an earlier prototype but this is clearly a successor of that.