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Via @Devine Lu Linvega on Mastodon: Come for the hybrid block/text editor and the time travel debugging, stay for the social Justice.
Second time I've run into something by Amy Ko today. The first was this article, How my broken elbow made the ableism of computer programming personal, sent to me by a podcast listener. Glad to see her work out there in the wild.
This is a really amazing project that resonates strongly with the work I do! Amy Ko’s work is, so far, the only work I’ve come across that pushes accessibility all the way down to PL concerns, and I AM HERE FOR IT.
(also, I think Amy Ko’s name should be in our mouths whenever we talk about complexity/simplicity, and not Rich Hickey’s 😆 )
Yes really nice work, and an interesting counterpoint to the push for natural language-like (generally English-like) programming languages.