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Re: Future off Coding - Apple Vision & Dynamicland Probably unpopular ideas, but here's my Black Mirror take: • What's tasteful won't matter, as long as it's popular. • Success of these "spatial computing" concepts will come from what gets the masses interested. • Whatever will be successful, porn will do first, as they always have. Now the action is with you, or you're "there". Consent from other people actually with you is left as an exercise for the reader. • Ditto for Snapchat-like filters that are applied to other people in the room with you. Everyone naked? Everyone's a furry? Maybe we present virtually as we choose for other goggle-heads? Back to consent again, for, "who wants to see the naked furry centaur in the coffee shop?" • Extra points for integrating Dynamicland-like badges that people wear, interpreted by the goggles as, "don't VR-alter me." Another one for, "don't apply facial recognition to me." Naturally, law enforcement gets a version that the latter filter doesn't apply for, and the tech leaks to hacky patches for consumer hardware.
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I recall attending an event in Rec Room where some creators were demoing on a virtual stage some new stuff they had made including a grappling hook. They threw a bunch out to the audience, and we quickly discovered we could mount the invisible wall that kept people off the stage. Curiously, since participants were muted, despite the visual chaos of people mobbing the stage, the presentation was able to continue pretty much uninterrupted.
The future will be silly.
Discussion of consent seems good to me but not sure if sharing porn-adjacent 'nsfw' videos making light of misogyny contributes anything or is in line with the CoC?
I had the same thought Alex, but feel like the fact that there's no embedded preview, and there's a modicum of content warning implied by "nsfw", means people can make up their own mind whether the link is worth following. But to be absolutely clear: if this sort of imagery and language ever appeared within a discussion here, where there's a good chance people would see it without the opportunity for adequate warning, it'd be a CoC violation.
The video that was previously linked in this thread did come too close to being a CoC violation, so I've now removed that post. I apologize for not making this determination more quickly. Alex has also requested that we discuss this privately. Everyone else, please take any further public discussion of moderation to #administrivia. Further posts about it here will be deleted.