# two-minute-week

Pawel Ceranka

09/16/2023, 4:54 PM
We’re experimenting with different ways of summarising information visually. This a simple one where we get ‘named entities’, group and lay them out as a tree. (other categories can be added of course based on anything that an LLM can produce)

To me at least there are couple of interesting things in this space: - interactions - pagination (done!), sorting, filtering, (re-) moving of the nodes - bidirectional connection to the source (e.g. navigating to a particular mention in the parent block,) and canvas (drag and drop of the nodes to expand on canvas)—cf. the video - multiple sources + analysis & comparison - e.g. a graph that answers the question of what are some common themes, ideas, entities in two pieces of information (e.g. a video lecture and a webpage) - tools for extending the graph - by search - by generative AI - by custom/manual annotations I would of course be very grateful for comments on any of the above 🙏 Wonderful weekend to you all 🍹