Kartik Agaram

09/09/2023, 11:30 PM
Hopefully this isn't too ranty for this channel:

Eli Mellen

09/09/2023, 11:50 PM
I recently heard someone say “if the state has a monopoly on violence, than schools have a monopoly on discipline.” Ever since I heard it, I’ve been trying to articulate this quip to be about the tech industry — and, while I haven’t succeeded at that quip-creation, yet…this feels all connected.
related: a useful description of authoritarianism is when power is so exclusively centralized that the public is powerless to effect change. in a lot of ways, google has creeped up on becoming an authoritarian power over this sorta data

Kartik Agaram

09/10/2023, 12:10 AM
See also: this episode on legalism from this podcast I sometimes listen to.