Jimmy Webb is one of the top songwriters of my gen...
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Jimmy Webb is one of the top songwriters of my generation. We are truly lucky to have a recording of an interview of Jimmy Webb done by someone who has a clue and had the balls to stump up his own money to make it happen. Why should you care? Quantization is not the only way to deep dive into a subject. Developing theories about monads will never help you create content as good as what Jimmy Webb created. No type-checked language is ever going to touch as many humans as “The Witchitaw Lineman”. An interesting question is “Why?“. I think that Raskin’s “The Humane Interface” was just beginning to scratch the surface of this question, along with Norman’s “The Design of Everyday Things”. In songwriting, there is the concept of “co-writing”. 1+1=3. The best creations come from teams of people with complementary skills. Everybody in the room gets an equal cut. Isolationist songwriters sometimes succeed, but co-writing teams succeed more often.


I don't really see the link to typed languages here, can you elaborate?
I apologize for the lengthy delay in replying... Deep type checking addresses only a tiny sliver of the problem (i.e. DX for Optimization) yet is worshipped as The Silver Bullet that will do away with the need for Iteration and Creativity (ad-hoc combination of ideas) to create Real Solutions. 50+ years later, Reality shows that this is not the case, and, that deep type checking itself is designed through iteration and ad-hocery. Creation of solutions to Real problems (UX) requires, at least 1. Design 2. Engineering 3. Production Engineering (Optimization). Design and Engineering have been effectively abandoned and relegated to relatively feeble approaches, such as Agile.