# linking-together

Mattia Fregola

07/30/2023, 10:36 PM
"*Wikifunctions* is a Wikimedia project for everyone to collaboratively create and maintain a library of code functions to support the Wikimedia projects and beyond, in the world's natural and programming languages." Includes an interesting sort-of-structured-editor in the playground too

Chris Knott

07/31/2023, 4:36 AM
Congratulations @Denny Vrandečić! I remember when this was still called Wikilambda. Looks like editing is due to open up tomorrow

Denny Vrandečić

07/31/2023, 6:34 PM
Thank you! Happy to answer any questions. Yes, editing access is planned to start rolling out tomorrow. We are super excited, and my biggest question is "will people get it?" 🙂 Let's see!