# linking-together

Mariano Guerra

07/10/2023, 7:47 PM

Beyond functional programming: a taste of Verse. Simon Peyton Jones & Tim Sweeney | Lambda Days 2023

Verse is a new programming language, being designed at Epic Games as the language of the metaverse. Verse is a functional logic language, with a bunch of innovative ideas. Like Haskell, Verse is declarative (a variable in Verse stands for just one, immutable value), and higher order (lambdas are first class). But Verse goes well beyond Haskell, with existential variables, unification, expressions that yield multiple values, and much more besides. In this talk we'll give you a sense of what functional logic programming is about, what it looks like to program in Verse, and how we can give meaning to Verse programs using rewrite rules.

Jason Morris

07/10/2023, 10:16 PM
Interesting... a lot of things feel very familiar to me given my familiarity with Prolog, but evidently strike functional programmers as odd...
I would quibble with what keywords they are using in a few places, but it sure seems interesting. My work is less interested in making sure the program is correct, because I'm trying to do knowledge representation of a thing that might not be. Being able to still run queries when part of the code doesn't make any sense - because the law it models doesn't make any sense - is part of what I need. So verification is sort of worthless to me. The "we don't know, we might convert it to first order logic and throw z3 at it or something" approach seems a bit... sketchy. That doesn't give me a lot of hope that it delivers on the promises of validation. But co-opting a bunch of game developers into testing your language by deploying it as the scripting language for your huge hit game is a unique play.