Martin Shaw

07/08/2023, 4:35 AM
Been reading a lot about Calm Tech (, technology designed to require a minimum of the user's repeated attention. Products/projects which make information available to the user on the user's request and not the other way around. As someone who has wasted plenty of time on social media, I find the design ideas fleshed out on the site and related projects fascinating. Does anyone else have an interest? Seems like a positive (for once) way 'back to the future' of useful home-based tech.

Grant Forrest

07/08/2023, 11:33 PM
I'm a big fan. I've tried to shift my mindset more into this space when building, especially relating to only providing features to help accomplish the task at hand as a contrast against the increasingly chaotic nature of most cooking sites (because of their reliance on ads and the engagement spiral). It's still hard for me to think outside the box of traditional web apps, but mainly I tried to focus on trying to end up in a usable state no matter what when interpreting user actions, limiting notifications and re-engagement junk, and generally trying to be utilitarian and minimalist as a product by avoiding ambitious features.