# linking-together

Duncan Cragg

06/30/2023, 10:26 PM
Got interested in the conceit of a fringe-conference called "Programming Languages and Operating Systems", then read the CfP which seems to be aiming to pre-stifle any thoughts you may have had that innovation outside the familiar borders would be acceptable: Suggested paper topics include, but are not restricted to: • domain-specific and type-safe languages for the OS; • the design of language-specific unikernels; • language-based approaches to crosscutting system concerns, such as security and run-time performance; • PL support for system verification, testing, and debugging; • synthesis of OS code; • static/dynamic OS configuration and specialization; • PL support for OS integration of modern hardware (NVM, HBM, FPGAs, accelerators, RDMA, etc.); • the use of OS abstractions and techniques in language runtimes; • verification and static analysis of OS components; • critical evaluations of new programming language ideas in support of OS construction; and • experience reports on applying new language techniques in commercial OS settings.

Jimmy Miller

06/30/2023, 11:57 PM
If I run a conference experience reports are banned. They are just advertisements. I do not like them as talks at all.