Generating initial content for an any workspace. ...
# two-minute-week
Generating initial content for an any workspace. We are, by design, about non-linear explorations, in that setting it’s not always easy to start. A bit like sitting in front of a blank page. This feature is like priming / toning the canvas 😉 I personally think visually a lot of the time (spatially / moving pictures), but the trigger for starting a thread of thought is quite often a word, term, phrase or a sentence. This feature is about that kind of exploration, you drop a word and it ripples out into all kinds of useful directions. (of course, being useful is the trick here, this is very minimal atm) The way the app is set-up it’s not difficult for us to generate those workspaces (the blocks are Clojure maps in a re-frame db), so if it turns out that it’s useful we’ll probably generate more content.