# two-minute-week

Pawel Ceranka

06/04/2023, 10:37 AM
Since it’s the weekend I think it’s fitting to post something a bit ridiculous 🙂 It’s a combination of a universal text highlighter & blocks highlighter in our ‘infinite’ canvas app

I’m not quite clear on the history here, but I think that the first time I’ve personally really registered an irregular / non-rectangular selection as a thing was in Audulus, couple of years ago I would be curious to hear / see other examples!

Ivan Reese

06/04/2023, 2:34 PM
That's awesome. Love the video, love the feature, love wormies. My first interaction with a freeform selection like this would have been the lasso tool in MacPaint. But this sort of "paint to select" is also something I've seen in 3d modelling software (eg: to select vertices), and games (eg: to select units in an RPG).

Pawel Ceranka

06/04/2023, 7:08 PM
I do like ‘paint to select’! We have text highlighting that’s done in a very similar way (just a different colour of highlighter, so to speak ;))—it’s not strictly necessary of course as (normal) text is linear, but it feels nice 🙂


06/05/2023, 1:36 PM
That is really nice.


06/06/2023, 7:23 AM
I love this! Feels like a natural fit for an infinite canvas app (I'll have to implement this myself as well 😊 )

Pawel Ceranka

06/06/2023, 8:17 AM
I was joking the other day that I’m getting ‘addicted’ to it (as we now have it for block selection and text highlights), so I now kinda want it in other places in the app 🙂 E.g. we’re now looking into doing it for lists of things, so that you can zip down the scrollable container while selecting items. The fact that we can use it in different places, as a more cross-cutting / generic tool, one that can be applied to different contexts, is a nice side effect of having this type of free form selection—it’s just very flexible, it seems 😉