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# linking-together
@Samuel Timbó’s https://unit.md seems worth promoting to the top-level from https://futureofcoding.slack.com/archives/C5T9GPWFL/p1682729733596069?thread_ts=1682705103.127169&amp;cid=C5T9GPWFL
..a re-exploration of the Unix Philosophy in the context of modern Software Engineering and Web Development.
..similar in concept to the Unix shell; for a seasoned programmer, unit should feel like the 2D evolution of the Command Line Interface (CLI) where units' (commands) inputs and outputs (stdin/stdout/stderr) can be piped together into a graph (script).
..designed to feel visual and kinesthetic, giving the perception of Direct Manipulation of Live Virtual Objects.
Some tantalizing demos at https://github.com/samuelmtimbo/unit/blob/main/src/docs/start/README.md
Treat for the community: