# in-london

Dan Voyce

05/16/2023, 1:17 PM
Hey folks, anyone here doing anything cool with AI and want to join us in London to give a talk or demo?
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Development in the time of AIs

Is software development dead? Are we going to be replaced by clusters of AIs?

We are meeting to discuss how the (near) future of digital production looks like when generative models take the steering wheel.
We (London creative coding and are hosting a meetup towards the end of June / early July so get in touch!

Lu Wilson

05/16/2023, 6:17 PM
cc @Maggie Appleton! Also I wonder if any of the Fermat folks will be interested. I'll reach out to them!

Nilesh Trivedi

05/17/2023, 5:10 AM
Hi Dan, I am interested. I created this tool for a hackathon but since then, have been building for a more ambitious goal (human-machine teaming). Let me know if this is relevant for your meetup:

Dan Voyce

05/17/2023, 8:19 AM
Sounds awesome @Nilesh Trivedi. I'll DM you some more details in a bit

Maggie Appleton

05/19/2023, 3:08 PM
👋 Yeah let me know if/when this happens