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Cute. This puts a bit of (friendly) pressure on me to actually bang out some sort of "here's what makes Hest interesting" list, because points moving along paths isn't the thing, it's the thing that gets you to the thing.
For instance, one such thing is what I'm calling "participatory execution" for lack of whatever term someone in the 70s came up with in some paper I haven't read yet. We all know live programming is the bees knees. So a guiding intuition here is that visual programming ought to let you go quite live, by making the code, the data, and the execution tangible.


as runtime env. Points moving along paths allows you to go to some interesting places like this, but on its own it's not all that interesting (to me).
Just noticed the embedded paper in the Documentation page. This goes hard!
In this section will be explained, how the communication between different marbles and their interpretation of symbols works. It will also be further elaborated on, what marbles in the Pinocchioverse are (an ore) and one will get a better understanding of some of their special properties.
First of all, the marble ore is an ore floating in space in the form of asteroids, occasionally hitting other planets.
The marble ore has many interesting properties. For once, in- stances of the marble ore are always perfect spheres, which may vary greatly in size. Furthermore, each marble has access to an infinite amount of energy saved inside it, which can be made use of for rotating the marble. Also, if different marbles touch, they are activated and if configured correctly, they can transform said energy into physical energy, meaning rotation.
The other main property of the marble ore is that every instance of the ore in the whole universe is connected to each other instance of the marble ore. That means that all marbles are directly connected to one another. Through symbols, which were already introduced in the last section, marbles can be activated over these connections without them touching. That means through their cluster-form, they are able to process information, usually symbols, for example to form connections between instances and active each other’s powers. This is done by sending a message with the written symbol to all other marbles, which they answer whether they have the same symbol written on them or not. If this is the case, they are activated and send a positive answer back. If not, they are not activated and send a negative answer back. Depending on the answers from all the other marbles, the initial marble is activated if there was at least one other marble with the same symbol, or not, if there was none. This was also already be made use of in the last sections to remotely activate a marbles power without needing to touch it with another marble and use it for technical innovation.
The collective union of all marbles in the universe is called the marble ore collective, the marble net, the marble cluster or the marble myzel. The marble ore is unbreakable, it cannot be melted and crafted together with other marble ore instances. That means that the marble ore collective will always stay fully intact.
One does not need the marble net to understand how any of the last examples work, neither does it give one any advantage in constructing marble-run devices; however, it does give one a better understanding of the marbles and the workings of the world of the Pinocchioverse in general and makes for an overall rounder world understanding, contributing to a more confident and possibly also more effective use of marbles, marble tracks and the devices they run.
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