Contributing to the <@U03R0B9U1GD> Cinematic Unive...
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Contributing to the @Lu Wilson Cinematic Universe
> Outlines in > Outlines in > Outlines
- Enter deeply nested objects/arrays - Leave by using breadcrumbs at the top - Paginate objects/arrays - Collapse/Expand children - Do operations at any level - State survives data updates
woah! a welcome addition
Very nice. So do the arrows change array pages or what? It's a bit confusing that the index of the top object is still 0 after clicking the next arrow.
arrows paginate the object/array they are in, you can have nested ones so each paginates that thing only
that JSON is (at least) 7 levels deep, that means you may be paginating multiple things at different levels
@Mariano Guerra very nice! Is that component usable by itself? Can be a great addition for Flyde’s data inspection
it's tied to the rest of the app for now