# linking-together


04/17/2023, 6:15 PM
Someone is trying to boot Linux from a Scratch project. 😮🤯😻 In fact, it's a RISC-V emulator programmed with Scratch. Here is his journey (quoting the author):
I actually started this project with not very much understanding of RISC-V, but after a few hours of debugging I got the hang of it. The emulator was actually based of off, which i ported to Java a while back, and from Java I ported to SCPP (A programming language I wrote) and from SCPP I ported it to here [(i.e. plain Scratch)].
Regarding SCPP:
SCPP (Scratch C Plus Plus)
It's really interesting to see the creativity of people that learned programming with Scratch, then start exploring new horizons to eventually come back to Scratch.