This is some output but it also seems apt consider...
# share-your-work
This is some output but it also seems apt considering the current zeitgeist. (Warning contains some adult content)
I like the tap book thing, but there's one thing missing which I'm hoping you could add: most people would probably appreciate some kind of progress indicator, or at the very least page numbers "of" (e.g. page 10 of 200) I find it hard to commit to reading without knowing how long it's going to take. Otherwise, great start to a book, as far as I've read! 👍🏼
Are you going to start a thread on the URL token patent thing, also?
I'd be interested in that
Of course… I would feel the same. Thanks for the feedback.. it’s a short story btw.. 10mins
I will start a thread about it. I’’m going to put together a tap story about it and post it. But mainly the idea is that you could exchange some value for a story or any digital artifact but because it’s so abstract I had to build a publish platform first to prove the concept.
The page would suit the format.
I'll consider that! 👍
It’s a fascinating idea, I want one of the smartwatches. The books are all written in a DSL so they could easily be objects.
Yes I have text object type which is basically a single paragraph. I'll make you a personalised watch, my first customer! 😊👍
Great story! The medium managed to suck me in without the usual trappings I'm accustomed to (social proof, liner notes, reviews).