# of-end-user-programming

Kartik Agaram

03/27/2023, 4:11 AM
I'm really enjoying @Geoffrey Litt's writings since he started writing about LLMs. The latest one in particular is a great fit for this channel:


03/27/2023, 5:24 AM
In short, with a much lower bar to end-user programming, people actually doing it more. Two thoughts, one immediate one longer term — perhaps even next week. 1. With Chat available, I've automated a few small workflows that just weren't worth bothering with before e.g. "How do I _ using the macOS Services menu?" I did have to know that I wanted a "Service", just asking for some way to automate _ wasn't specific enough. Keep in mind the steps produced were not correct, merely close enough. 2. A lot of automation is hard because UIs don't really allow it, but in as much as these systems can parse images and simulate clicks for us, we won't need any help to script existing software. At the OS level. some sandboxing might be nice.