Just discovered a podcast called the "Future of Co...
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Just discovered a podcast called the "Future of Code" by a nice young man named Steve Krowse. Listen to the 3 minute introduction here: https://futureofcoding.org/episodes/001 You may have come across it already but if not, I do recommend giving episode 1 a listen! Can't help but admire Steve's 'can-do' attitude and optimism. And if you get to episode 2, you find out that the whole podcast started out through teaching kids to code. It's very charming!
(ok I'm messing around a little bit here but if you haven't listened to the early episodes I'd highly recommend it - there's something raw & inspiring about them) (I've been doing a re-binge of the whole catalog recently)
It's the enthusiasm!
haha thanks @Lu Wilson 🙂 as you can imagine, i find them hard to relisten to, i've changed so much since then, but i'm glad the archive is out there nonetheless! if you're in the market for similar rawness, you may also like my public stream-of-consciousness research journal from that time period: https://futureofcoding.org/log
Hey I know what you mean :) I cringe up watching my very early youtube videos. but there's also something a bit more raw about them. It's definitely enjoyable being able to see the whole journey of the future of cod-ing!